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Links for Thursday October 7th, 2010

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  • “Curated” Doesn’t Necessarily Mean “Secure”: Wil Shipley gets it:

    The final thought is this: We know, from Mr. Gilbert’s work, that some large percentage of Android apps is sending out data we may not want them to. But we have no idea what percentage of iPhone apps are doing the same thing. And, in fact, we can’t find this out easily, because of a curated App Store.

    Apple's naiveté around the App Store could definitely become a privacy nightmare. (via Michael Tsai)

  • The stock market as a single, very big piece of multithreaded software: Jon Stokes, on the market crash from early May:

    "I throw this perspective out there for open discussion by the Ars community, and I'd be quite happy if someone could demonstrate that I'm crazy. Because if I'm not crazy, and the market really is essentially an enormous piece of multithreaded software, then I'm not entirely sure what kind of rabbit hole we've all gone down. I hope the computing field's experiences with large, multithreaded, distributed software (e.g., cloud computing) isn't indicative of what we're all in for."

    A great read, and food for thought if you're a believer in the stock markets.

  • Games Rebels Play I.R.L.: Competitive Beard Growing: Now that is some quality mustachery.

  • The Impeccable Timing Of The Verizon iPhone Rumors: Great analysis of the recent WSJ-fueled Verizon iPhone rumors, by MG Siegler.