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Links for Tuesday November 24th, 2009

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  • Why It's Gotten Straight Stupid to Buy a Mac Pro - Mac Pro - Gizmodo: Can't say that I disagree with this. But it's not all hugs and roses in iMac land, either. (via Mike Hunter.)

  • Financial Alchemist: My Comments on Bloomberg TV Interview with Apple Analyst: Great examination of the iPhone financials, with regards to carrier exclusivity, especially this:

    "It was reported last year that Apple and AT&T extended their agreement until the end of 2010. It would make sense that the agreement runs until the end of the year since it commenced in the beginning of 2007. Even though the iPhone didn’t go on sale until June 2007, it was announced that January, allowing AT&T marketing rights for the time preceding the actual product launch."
    So it seems like barring some blockbuster negotiating from Jobs & co., next June's iPhone will still be on AT&T.

  • A Tale of Two Hard Drives: Apple’s Secret Weapon?: Good article comparing getting support for a Dell laptop versus an Apple laptop. My experiences with Dell support, while a few years old, line up with this article.

  • Rumors Revisited: Next-Generation iWork and iLife Plans? Apple Tablet Design Surprise? - Mac Rumors: Good find on the changes to the iLife box.

  • The Best Smartphones on Every Carrier - Gift Guide - Gizmodo: Good run down of the best phones on each provider. For AT&T:

    "The iPhone 3GS is the best overall smartphone you can buy. It's really that simple. Best user interface, best internet, best apps, best media support—the list goes on. Okay, not the best network, but nothing's perfect."
    That pretty-much nails it. (via GeekSugar.)

  • AnandTech: HP Mini 311: Netbooks get ION: Great, thorough review of the HP Mini 311 from AnandTech. Unfortunately, the conclusion rains on my parade:

    "We like the idea of NVIDIA's ION platform a lot more than we like the Intel Atom 945GSE platform, but we like CULV laptops even more. If we had to choose between the HP Mini 311 for $400 and the Acer Timeline 1810 at $550, it would be a tough decision even if the 311 had 3GB RAM and a 320GB HDD. Once we factor in the keyboard (we prefer the AS1810T), general performance, and battery life, the HP Mini 311 simply costs too much for what it offers."
    Which is unfortunate, because the ION chipset does appear to be great.