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Foo Camp: Werewolf


For some reason, Foo Campers really like to play Werewolf, an analytic social strategy game:

Brian Fitzpatrick, ??, Chris DiBona, and Chris Smoak playing Werewolf

Chris and I both played a bunch both nights of Foo Camp - it's a pretty fun and interesting game. Chris is talking about bringing it to the South Bay, but we'll have to see if that develops. I recommend playing if you have a group of 9 people or more...





I used to play this as "Mafia" back in high school. Lots of fun, until I had an odd run of being the Mafia a few times in a row. After that, my friends started lynching me first just in case. Once "kill the Leech" became the standard first round move, it wasn't all that interesting for me anymore.

That's Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land in the corner if you want to update your ??.

Mafia's game creator - Dimma Davidoff - will be presenting at the Games+Learning+Society 3.0 conference at the University of Wisconsin.