Hunter Island 2001.
May 20th - 27th 2001.

"Mike Hunter's family owns an island in Canada?!?!?"
This is the most common response echoed when someone hears that Mike's family owns an island in Canada. Well, it's true -- island number 553 is in MacGregor Bay, in Lake Huron, and it is owned, lock, stock, and barrel, by the Hunter clan. Mike invited the entire CS clique up there, to spend a week un-winding after finals. Six of us accepted his call, and made the 13 hour trek up to the island. It was fun, and nobody died to boot. On the way back, we made our way through Toronto, Erie PA, and Pittsburgh. Hopefully, I'll get some more pictures to flush out those other destinations soon.



Pictures from Hunter Island


The Cabin.   This is a shot of the cabin, taken from Mt. Baldy. This structure provided our luxurious 4 star accomidations for our stay.
Behind the cabin, was the toolshed. This is where we found various tools, chemicals, and other miscellaneous supplies that make the island hum.   The Toolshed.
The almighty outhouse.   The almighty outhouse. God praise the outhouse. Now featuring toilet paper!
Cabin Interior, featuring Chee Wai "Nuke Toronto!" Lee.  
Cabin Interior, feature Chee Wai
The Hunter Island kitchen, featuring Chee Wai.   The Hunter Island "kitchen", featuring Chee Wai "Bork!" Lee.
A pipe organ, on Hunter Island?!?!  
An organ, on Hunter Island?!?!
A propane-powered refrigerator. Also, home of the nastiest smell I've ever inhaled.   See everyone? The island isn't primitive. It has a propane-powered refrigerator. Of course, the refrigerator is broken, and the last to inhabit the island left several treats inside, which made for the funkiest smell ever when we first opened that door!


Hunter Island Scenery
This is the view from the highest point on the island, the appropriately-named Mt. Baldy. Appropriate, because this peak is simply bare rock, that has been worn smooth by the weather. Also, baldness runs in the males of the Hunter family.   View from atop Mt. Baldy.
A Generic Scenic View.   A scenic view from the island, looking out. I don't remember where I was standing when I took this picture, so I can't be any more descriptive than that.
Yet another scenic view from the island.   Another Generic Scenic View.
Hunter Island's main cash crop.   An example of the plant life on Hunter Island. This is one of the few plants that didn't try to eat Chris the entire time we were there. Chris thanks you, little plant.
One of Hunter Island's many next-door neighbors. I think that these blokes had some sort of jacuzzi action. Unreal.   Hunter Island's next-door neighbor.
What a nice sunset.   One of the nicer sunsets that we had while on the island.
On top of Mt. Baldy, there is this mysterious looking rudder from an olde-timey wooden ship. I think there is some great big story behind this particular rudder, but since I can't remember it, I'm saying that it's from a pirate ship. I like pirates, they're funny.   Arrr matey! A pirate ship rudder, this be.


Island Events: Bonfire
Our bonfire, Smokey.   On Wednesday, we actually had nice weather (i.e. not rain), so we made a bonfire, and had dinner outside. This is our fire. We named it Smokey. Smokey cooked us some good hotdogs and smores. Thank you, Smokey.
Preparing for the roasting of meat products on the fire. From l-r: someone's knee, Fredrik, and Chris Lattner's backside.   Getting ready to cook food.
Sitting around the fire.   A quorum of the group, sitting around the fire. From l-r: Laura, part of Chris' head, Fredrik, Chee Wai (in back), Vinh, and Mike.
Random bonfire picture of Laura, looking down. The almighty Cement Factory is visible in the background.   Laura at the bonfire.
Fredrik, showing us his /hot/ dog.   Funny Fredrik, showing us his hot dog.


Island Events: Chopping A Tree
At one point, we decided to replenish the firewood supply. So, we found a large tree that had fallen to the ground, and attempted to chop it up into bits. Here are Chee Wai and Mike, getting the appropriate tools.   Acquiring the proper tools for tree destruction.
Be afraid, tree.   Be afraid, tree. The big bad mdog is coming for 'ya.
Mike, looking perplexed as to the operation of the hand saw, while Chee Wai and Vinh look on.   Mike, perplexed by the hand saw.


Island Events: Skfw Dives In
This here is the jumpin' rock.   Okay everybody -- this here is the jumpin' rock! From l-r: Chee Wai, Laura, skfw (i.e. Chris), and Fredrik. Obviously, skfw is fool enough to think that he is about to jump in to the lake. Fool.
My camera sucks. So, instead of getting skfw in mid-air, I caught him in mid-splash. It looks like Chee Wai might have gotten a better shot.   skfw, mid-splash.
Swim Fast!   Cold Water == Swim Fast, skfw (and curse a lot while you're doing it)!



Pictures from Pittsburgh


Fredrik shows off his magnificent beer glass, while Laura T., Willie, Chee Wai, and Mike look on. Mike felt the need to join in, so he is seen massaging a poor innocent ketchup bottle.   Fredrik & co., showing off his beer glass at TGI Friday's.
TGI Friday's: The other half.   The other half of the TGI Friday's meal. From l-r: Vinh, Akua, Laura S., me, and skfw (Chris). Notice how we're not holding anything... Yep, no inadequacy issues at this table.
The entire Pittsburgh crew. In Back, from l-r: Chris, Willie, me, Fredrik, Laura T., Laura S., Mike, Chee Wai, and Vinh. In front: Ediri and Akua.   The entire Pittsburgh crew.
Akua and Chee Wai.   Akua and Chee Wai. I could make some sort of comment here, but I'm far too mature for that.


Andy Reitz
June 1st, 2001