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So, for my trip out to the greater NYC area, I decided to fly JetBlue from San Jose to JFK. Primarily, I made this decision because they have a direct flight from California to New York, its cheap, and the idea of in-flight TV appeals to me.

So, the TV worked mostly as-advertised on the flight out. It cuts out occasionally, when the plane loses direct line-of-sight with the satellite. Other than that, you can watch like 36 channels from your seat. The only problem is that these channels are the same that you would get on DirecTV, which means you get commercials. I am so broken by my MythTV box, that I can't deal with commercials anymore. I also haven't channel-surfed in like, forever, and I have grown out of that as well.

Anyways, everything was flight-related was smooth on the way out to New York. Old man Murphy has struck, however, and I am hitting some snags trying to get back. There is some rain in New York today, which appears to be causing delays. Not only that, but there is really no room to sit near my gate, so that I can stay on top of when I can board. Even if there was room to sit there, I probably wouldn't -- because the only place that I could get the free WiFi to work is quite a bit away from my gate. I hope I don't miss it, being engrossed in all of this WiFi...